Procore vs. BuildTools

Before, office work was very time consuming because employees had to encode and store data manually. It was even more difficult because spreadsheets are all over the places, especially for huge companies that deal with millions of files and documents. In the construction industry, for example, many drawings, proposals, bids, portfolios, and other necessary information are exposed to the risk of being lost and misplaced. Security of files is also an issue. Contractors always had that sense of fear because important documents might be compromised anytime. These traditional methods have caused a number of firms to shut down because of the resulting inconvenience. It is even safe to say that back then, office work was more troublesome than it ever did well to businesses. However, today, the troubles are long gone. With the innovation brought by the present time, the dilemmas are way behind and past over. Construction management firms, engineers, architects, contractors, and other professionals can now operate better and at ease with the use of roofing estimate software, project management software, and other operation solutions.

Procore and BuildTools are just two of the many examples of roofing estimate software that help firms and companies to oversee their projects, build schedules, assign jobs, manage submittals and proposals, create budget plans and contracts, and many other related tasks. You might wonder what makes one software better than the other, but frankly speaking, it really depends on the needs of your company and the projects you handle.


What is Procore?

Procore is a cloud-based solution that takes pride in its no-hidden-charges policy and accessibility. The platform can be accessed using smartphones, tablets, and computers. With Procore, contractors can manage daily jobsite logs, submittals, bids, job costs, and orders. With supreme functionality, the software can be integrated with other construction management solutions as well such as Microsoft Project, Oracle Primavera, ProEst, SureTrak, among others. Procore also boasts with its reliable customer support and self-help support that are available anytime an urgency arises. Moreover, the interface is comprehensive yet simple, making it easy to navigate and use. Of course, an implementation specialist is available for each client and its team members to train and familiarize them with the system.

What is BuildTools?

BuildTools is mainly tailored for home construction firms and custom home builders. Key features of BuildTools, which include budgeting, scheduling, and purchasing, are essential in fulfilling projects on time. Some of the unique features of this software include a messaging capability that improves overall communication among project team members. Moreover, BuildTools prides itself with unlimited storage capacity under a monthly subscription. Other important features include bidding, dispatching, contract management, forecasting, and reporting. The best thing about this construction management solution is that it underscores custom build, hence the state-of-the-art communications system. For better accountability and integration, on the other hand, BuildTools can be integrated with QuickBooks, a leading accounting software. There is no need to manually link accounting and project oversight as it happens automatically with innovative integration.



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